Look for the "Whiskey Cove, Enter Here" flag to find the driveway

Before booking your stay at Whiskey Cove, please note the following about the house and property:

Driveway: While most homes on Tims Ford Lake have steep stairs and/or long walks to the lake, Whiskey Cove is very close to the water. Guests love that there are just a few stairs and a small hill between the lower level of the house and the dock. Having the house close to the water means the driveway is hilly. The angle is steep in places, and there's a tight turn toward the top. We have never had an issue going up or down it, but it can look daunting at first glance to guests, so just take it slow until you're used to it.

Trailers in Tow: Guests towing trailers should assess the driveway for the turns and speed necessary before pulling down the driveway. As a point of reference, the driveway is not an issue when we are towing our 17ft fishing boat and 24ft jet boat up or down it. We just take it slow, and often, we exit via our neighbor’s concrete driveway, as noted above.

Parking: There is ample parking in front of Whiskey Cove, including gravel and concrete areas. We allow our neighbors to access their parking area via our driveway from time to time, so we ask guests to leave  space for a vehicle to drive through on the gravel. As a convenience, they allow our guests to exit out their concrete driveway if desired.

Owner/Host Items: We frequently enjoy Whiskey Cove with our family, so we may at times leave items in zip tied cabinets or cupboards between our visits. We keep our boats at the house and may come to the property to use them during your stay, but when guests are here, we make every effort not to disturb you in any way.

Low Clearance: In the stairwell to the lower level, there's one spot where the ceiling is low. It is well-marked, but taller guests will likely need to duck going up and down the stairs. Take it from your host, Dave, who is 6'9", staying at Whiskey Cove is worth this minor inconvenience!

Water Levels: The dock at Whiskey Cove is floating and usable for guests from April through October. The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) starts to lower the lake level in November. There is little to no water in the cove by December, but water starts to return in March, with the full lake level back by early April.

House Rules: All guests must agree to follow the Whiskey Cove House Rules. The rules are printed below for reference ahead of booking, and there is also a printed copy in our Guest Book at the house to reference throughout your stay.

  1. Pets, smoking and/or vaping are STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
  2. You may not entertain additional guests or visitors beyond those noted in the rental agreement without our prior approval. That includes DAY VISITORS, regardless of how long they stay. Exceeding the maximum limit will result in a cancellation and termination of the booking with no refund issued.
  3. Excessive noise after 10 pm and before 7 am is prohibited, especially outside as a courtesy to our neighbors and their guests. Please keep the noise down including music, especially around the dock as sound echoes throughout the cove. No parties or events.
  4. The boat and jet ski lifts are not for guest use. Please do not swim near these parts of the dock, and please be sure no one boards the boat stored on the lift. We have a camera on the dock pointed at the boat for everyone’s safety.
  5. Respect the septic system at all times. Lake homes in the area are all on septic systems, and Whiskey Cove is as well. There are reminders in both bathrooms NOT to flush anything but toilet paper and human waste down the toilets, and there are signs in the kitchens to remind you that food waste cannot go down the sinks. Please remind your guests to be friendly to the septic as well. The cardinal rule of septic systems is, if you're not sure, just put it in the garbage.
  6. Doors should remain closed at all times to keep bugs out and temperatures comfortable. We'd also suggest leaving windows closed as some bugs are small enough to make it through the screens. We do our best to keep the bugs out, but inevitably, some make their way inside from time to time.
  7. Food and drink consumption should be in the common areas only. No food or drinks (other than water) is allowed in the bedrooms.

We know you will love Whiskey Cove as much as we do, and we look forward to hosting you!

- Megan & Dave