Tennessee Whiskey Trail Stops Near Whiskey Cove

At Whiskey Cove, you’re less than 45 minutes away from 4 stops on the Tennessee Whiskey Trail, a collaborative effort by 25+ Tennessee distillers to share the hospitality and fellowship of the Southern tradition of whiskey. Grab your official TN Whiskey Trail passport (available in digital and physical versions) and head to these nearby distilleries:

Jack Daniel’s Distillery (Lynchburg, TN) (15 minutes): Every drop of Jack Daniel’s whiskey anywhere in the world is made less than 15 minutes from Whiskey Cove. Tour the distillery to hear the story of Jack Daniel and his journey to make the world’s most popular whiskey. Book your tour tickets online to save time and have guaranteed availability. Walk-up tickets are usually available. Dry County Tours do not include any alcohol, but they are perfect if you have youngsters in your crew. If you want to sample some Jack, add a Tasting to your ticket. Plan ahead for what you’d like engraved on a bottle at the White Rabbit Bottle Shop.

George Dickel Distillery (Tullahoma, TN) (30 minutes): Learn how George Dickel Whisky is made, and why it’s spelled without an “e,” during a tour and tasting at Cascade Hollow Distilling Co., a fully operational distillery that opened in 1878. George Dickel preferred whisky made in the winter months more than summer months because he felt it made the whisky taste smoother, thus how this whisky became known for being, “Mellow as Moonlight.” Dickel whisky is chilled before it is charcoal-mellow filtered, which smooths out the flavor. Today, it’s the only Tennessee distillery to do this.

Prichard’s Distillery (Kelso, TN) (35 minutes): Five generations ago, Granddaddy Benjamin Prichard passed his “still, tubs and utensils thereto” to his son Enoch. Ben made his whiskey with a high sugar content using white corn, pure Tennessee spring water and distilling it with ancient pot still techniques. Today, the vibe at Prichard’s is very laid back. In fact, there are no scheduled tour times, so visitors just stop in and ask for a tour. You can taste and buy Prichard’s products on site in an old schoolhouse on the properly, called Prichard’s Spirits Shoppe.

Uncle Nearest/Nearest Green Distillery (Shelbyville, TN) (40 minutes): Learn the story behind former slave Nathan Green, affectionately called Uncle Nearest, who became Tennessee’s premier master distiller, teaching his process and craft to others, like Jack Daniel, who would become whiskey legends in their own right. The 323-acre property is a working distillery and farm, so tours are only offered a few days per week. In addition to tours and tastings, plan to have a meal at Barrel House BBQ II, which is known for its Grilled Cheese on Crack, an award-winning BBQ-filled grilled cheese sandwich.